Pre-used Manitou telehandlers and forklifts from our own rental fleet


Feyter Forklift Services is an authorized Manitou dealer for the Southwest region of The Netherlands. In addition to activities in the field of sale and maintenance of telehandlers, aerial platforms and (rough terrain) forklifts Feyter has a large rental fleet. Therefore we can always offer a wide range of used machinery for sale or export.


In the area of rough terrain handling Manitou is the world leader with the widest product range available on the market.



Manitou verreikers van Feyter Forklift Services 



Compact telehandlers

The MLT Series is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the agricultural sector. Cattle breeding, farm or contracting, with over 20 years experience in this industry Manitou knows how to respond effectively to the agricultural needs. With its innovations the French manufacturer holds 50 patents of which the JSM joystick and the CRC mast suspension are examples.


The MT and MHT telescopic handlers are designed to meet the requirements for industrial and construction activities. With many accessories these machines can be used for various applications at construction companies, carpenters, roofers, industrial service providers, etc.


Rotating telehandlers

The Manitou MRT Series is the most versatile telehandler on the market, offering rotation and 3-in-1 versatility for multiple applications. The rotating telehandlers will lift loads, or personnel, to heights from 68 to 80 feet (14 to 30 meters). Loads from 4 to 5 tonne are handled by these versatile machines.



Kalmar heavy forklift - Feyter Forklift Services 

Rough terrain forklifts

With the invention of the rough terrain forklift in 1953 the Braud company, later known as Manitou, acquired worldwide fame. Today, the Manitou M series is still unmatched in the field of material handling on uneven terrain. The solid chassis is perfectly able to withstand the effects of driving on rough terrain. High comfort due to the suspended cab, great maneuverability and easy maintenance were considered priority issues during development.